How to use consumer neuroscience to engage your customers brain

What is neuromarketing and why does it matter?

The brain is an incredible organ that opens doors to several marvels and fascination.

Neuromarketing uses a combination of frameworks and techniques to exploit how the brain functions and reacts, therefore uncovering insightful consumer behaviour and hidden purchase motivations.

The brain instantly responds to environmental stimuli, usually in sub-seconds. Products shapes, emotional messages, warm sensations and colours often lure consumers into making subconscious purchase decisions.

Neuromarketing is the Key for a Powerful Marketing Campaign

Know that the brain needs as little as 300 ms (milliseconds) to grasp any information you give it, either acoustic or visual. Remarkably, it takes only a fraction of that time to raise emotions (80ms). And, it gets even better. The brain can process complex emotions even if consumers are not completely focused on what they are seeing or hearing!

Given that consciousness occurs at around 600ms, all these processes (perception, emotion processing, memory retrieval, etc.) are done unconsciously. So, the key to making ads, packages, videos or whatever maketing materials engaging, is to use a “recipe” that stimulates your viewers' pre-conscious emotions. Neuroscience will tell you which “ingredients” you need to mix to have the desired result. And this is just one way you can apply neuromarketing for.

PEMD Model

Take the example of pre-launch marketing campaigns. You know how significant is building and releasing a successful marketing campaign. Bad customers' experiences can go viral in a matter of a couple of hours and affect your brand's image. So, being able to test anything you are about to release and know how people will respond to that before the official launch is a huge deal and a powerful advantage you do need to benefit from.

A well done pre-launch campaign test can help saving hundreds-thousands dollars.

Is your marketing campaign targeting the right audience?

Hot questions

  • How your marketing efforts will influence consumers feelings towards your brand?
  • Is your marketing campaign really targeting your audience?
  • Are you communicating your brand message in a way that will impact consumers memories?
  • How is your brand subliminally perceived compared to other brands in the same category?
  • Will your marketing materials influence consumers purchase intents?
  • What can be done to improve the emotional impact of your brand message?

These are just some of the responses a well designed neuromarketing study can answer to.

Ensure that all your efforts in marketing your brand have a positive impact and truly promote your business growth. Why not trying one of our free pilot studies?